Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World

Chocolate is considered a universal treat, and almost all the people in the world love chocolate very much. So that it is obvious that Everyone in the world loves chocolate. And here we are back again with and its time to look at the Top Ten Chocolate Brands in the world. 

10. KitKat

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

Kitkat is a division of Hershey’s company. ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’ is the tagline of this chocolate, which is indeed applicable in real.

Also, this chocolate brand got more popular when Google named its Android operating system 4.4 as a KitKat version.

9. Lindt and Sprungali

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

Lindt and Sprungli are one of the most famous brands that originated in Zurich and Switzerland. The name Lindt itself seems rich, royal, and sophisticated. Also, This brand of chocolates uses to give as gifts for kids.

In Addition, Lindt manufactures the ‘Gold Bunny,’ a bulky chocolate rabbit in a wide range of sizes, especially during easter.

8. Godiva

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

Godiva is another chocolate label from Belgium. These chocolates look significantly astounding, and these have a delicate sweet taste.

Also, this distinct brand provides a broad assortment of flavors of chocolates. One must taste this chocolate at least once in a lifetime.

7. Mars

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

Mars falls into the same class of the Galaxy and Snickers. It’s also a label that is famous globally. Mars was born in New Jersey, USA.

People who love sweet delicacies love Mars Chocolate very much. These chocolates are exceedingly delicious, and therefore, it’s loved by the children the most.

6. Cadbury

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

With the tagline saying “Spread Happiness,” this delicious chocolate, and reliable to its words, love is undoubtedly developed world-wide with this delightful delicacy.

It is the most well-known chocolate brand across the globe. 

Above all, there is a saying that you are happy if you are sweet, and to be gentle, one must taste the sweetness in a Cadbury.

Cadbury attracts people of all ages and gender with its heart-touching advertisements and branding.

5. Toblerone

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

Toblerone chocolate is a renowned brand from Switzerland. And this chocolate is disseminated globally. United States’ Mondelez International Inc is controlling this brand.

The logo of the Toblerone chocolate is very exceptional and unique; because it depicts the world-famous mountain in Switzerland known as Matterhorn.

Also, the Toblerone chocolate takes the shape of this mountain as well.

4. Patchi

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

This delicious chocolate brand is mostly known for offering gifts for your individual once. Patchi is a famous global chocolate label. These chocolates are exceptional and delicious. Also, this is a top luxury brand for chocolate and chocolate presents.

Above all, this famous chocolate is a collection of chocolates with all-natural and superior ingredients. The list is famous for blending roasted nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds), Gianduja, orange peel, dried strawberry bits, and more.

3. Guylian

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

Guylian is known to be the world’s renowned Belgian chocolate. It belongs to the country that is famous for its chocolate hub.

Guylian chocolate is trading in more than a hundred countries in the world for many occasions and events.

Aso, the taste of this chocolate is so gratifying that it melts in your mouth.

2. Ghirardelli

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

Ghirardelli is a trademark of the United States, which is an apportionment of Swiss confectioner Lindt. This is a brand that produces chocolates with a lot of emotion and love.

This chocolate brand habitually organizes a chocolate carnival in the United States, and also this can be considered as one of the biggest celebrations to attract a significant number of people for their brand.

1. Ferrero Rocher

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World |

Ferrero Rocher is said to be the head and best trading chocolate label in the world. There are millions of people who love this chocolate and feel the life to have it.

This chocolate is with a golden covering that depicts the richness of the chocolate. These chocolates have many uses, such as for gifting people on special occasions like on anniversaries, birthday parties, Valentine’s day, and the list goes on.

Also, Ferrero Rocher survives first among the top ten chocolate brands.

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