Top 10 Largest Forests in the World

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10. Sinharaja Rainforest

Location – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a beauty paradise, also called the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is an island located in the Indian Ocean. It has a vital number of rainforests most of them are located in the lowland wet zone. The Sinharaja rainforest of Sri Lanka is the largest rainforest of the country. It comprises an area of 88.64 square kilometres. In 1978 UNESCO declared it to be a biosphere reserve. It is a shelter for many species of plants, insects, birds, and animals which are rarely found on the planet.

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9. Valdivian Temperate Rainforest

Location – South America

Valdivian is at the ninth position in the list. It is a rainforest located in the mild zone of America. It is so enormous in size that it starts from the southern region of America then stretches through Chile and spreads to some areas of Argentina. The total area covered by this is approximated to be 248,100 square kilometres. The heterogeneity of life structures exists in this forest, from ferns to bamboos, conifers, and a variety of angiosperms. This forest also shares narrow coastal strips. The cultivation of exotic plants into the forest is destabilizing the original ecosystem of the forest.

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8. Emas National Park and Chapada dos Veadeiros

Location – Brazil

Brazil is a country bestowed with an absolute natural elegance and a variety of panoramas. It is also home to one of the largest tropical forests in the world, Emas National Park. It was earlier named as Chapada Dos Veadeiros named after a historical plain. The forest was later turned into a UNESCO World Heritage site to shield the distinct range of flora, fauna, and wildlife. Many rare species of jaguar, armadillos, and anteater and pampas deer are inhabiting the forest. The park covers the territory of 1320 square kilometres.

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7. The Monteverde Forest

Location – Central America

The next biggest forest is located in Costa Rica. It is located in the beautiful city of Monteverde. This forest is also commonly known as the Cloud forest of an area and draws many sightseers to this site. Many biologists and naturalists take a certain interest in examining the various species of fauna living in the forest; these, in particular, include many different species of mammals, and a vast set of hummingbird species and beyond 403 species of other birds. 

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6. Kinabalu National Park

Location – Malaysia

Kinabalu National park is located in Malaysia and it was the first national park built in the history of Malaysia. It was established in 1964 and later it was declared as the UNESCO world heritage site. The park covers the area of 754 square kilometres and it envelopes the Mount of Kinabalu, therefore named after it. The park is blessed with more than 4000 species of plants and animals. A majority of the varieties living in the forest are all endemic.

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5. Ecuador Cloud Forest

Location – South America

Ecuador is famous for its cloud forest. The forest is so dense and compact that it is most of the time covered with fog and clouds which keep hovering the canopy of the trees of the forest. It is one of the largest rainforests of the region and consists of a total plant species 7% of the total plants of the world. 20% of the total bird species also dwell here. The forest is now, sadly, being enslaved to increasing deforestation, which is endangering not only birds but also to many species of bear, Jaguar, and puma living in it.

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4. Daintree

Location – Australia

Australia also shows the heterogeneity of landforms and is a territory of many forests. The biggest of them all is placed in the north-east of Queensland. It is the most pristine rainforest in the country which has a history of 135 million years. The area covered by the forest is considered to be 2600 square kilometres. The forest is named after the great Australian geologist and photographer called Richard Daintree. In 1988 it was also declared as the World Heritage site. It has been the residence to many rare species of animals like Bennett’s tree kangaroos and Southern Cassowary. There are fascinating species of Australian reptiles and frogs as well.

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3. Congo Rainforest

Location – Central Africa

 Congo is the most extensive forest located near the longest river known as the Congo River. This forest covers 70% of the entire region of Africa. But it has lately started contracting due to the deforestation being carried out. Many of the species living in the forest are now threatened because of extreme hunting and poaching by the locals and foreigners. Unique varieties of pygmy chimpanzees are only found in this forest.

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Taiga is the largest known coniferous forest located spreading in the Northern latitudes. It is also known as the Boreal Forests. 35% of the total trees in the world are available in the taiga forest. Numerous amounts of flora and fauna are inhabiting the land. As the forest is located under the tundra biome hence it receives sunlight for a single month only. The forest has increased in size that covers 29% of the total forest area of the world.

 1. The Amazon Forests

 Location – South America

The great Amazon is the master of all the forests in the world, it is the largest ever rainforest. Even if we link all the rainforests in the world it would still not be correlated to the size of the Amazon. The forest is covering the area of eight diverse countries which amounts to a total of 5.5 million square kilometres. Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Peru, and Suriname are the countries sharing the borders of amazon. Amazon alone is accountable for contributing 80% oxygen in the world. Within the forest there flows one of the longest rivers of the world, Amazon River.

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